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: Sleep well for a night :

posted on 01 Jun 2008 20:05 by pingjian-z in HowDo-i-think


I'm so confused.  But I'm still sure.

I try n' try again. But it make me just more n' more tired.

I wanna cry.  But there is no tear in my eyes.

I want to go far n' far away.  But I want to stay around here.

I wanna say  " Go away!!! " .  But no one stay around here.

I wanna to stay alone.  But there is no my own place.

I want to shout it out.  But there is no sound in my head.

I don't want anyone to know.  But I want someone asking me.

I don't want anyone to love me.  Cuz no one really love me.

I wanna rest.  I wanna do.

But no time to rest , nothing to do.

If I find the way.....    just a way.....    any way.....

Stop your head for a while.

Lie down for a min.

Sleep well for night.

Get up in the morning n' find the way on your toes.

^^  Just make sure u sleep well all night.